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Science for Kids/chemistry model for 10th grade


QUESTION: please suggest a very good award winning chemistry working model for a 10th grader.

ANSWER: Hi Kunal

How about doing a project on Electro-plating.  This is both Chemistry and physics.  

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QUESTION: plz tell me how will i do that electroplating experiment

PS: wouldn't that be childish

Hi Kunal

Materials List:

Beaker or glass bowl
insulated wire
Alligator clips or some method of attaching wires to a strip of metal
strip of copper  (2.5 mm x 15 mm)
strip of zinc  (2.5 mm x 15 mm)
9 volt battery
copper sulfate (comes in power form and can also be found in various plant foods)
Distilled water

From the battery attach one segment of wire to the strip of copper which is suspended from the edge of the beaker.  In the beaker put in the distilled water and copper sulfate which will dissolve into the water and turn it blue,  attach a length of wire to the zinc and suspend it into the beaker 180 degrees from the copper strip.  Attach the wire to the other terminal of the battery.  This should start the plating process.

You may see bubbles forming on the two metal strips.  This is normal.

If done correctly, ions from one strip of metal will move through the solution to the other and plate it.  Copper should plate the zinc.  If not done properly, the zinc will plate the copper.

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