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QUESTION: Can you give me a few simple problem statements that include the word "effect"? I am in the 6th grade

ANSWER: Hi Victoria,

Do you mean effect or affect?  

The effect of the law was to increase the use of drugs.
How the law would affect children was not well understood.

Would you kindly clarify?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I meant effect for the problem statements. I would kindly ask for a few ideas of putting it in a proper problem statement such as what is the effect of watering kidney bean plants with different amounts with the same condition for 60 days?

Hi Victoris,

Here are two examples:

1) How would watering kidney bean plants be affected by being watered daily for 60 days.

2) If one were to water kidney bean plants daily for 60 days, would there be any any negative effects?

Does this help?

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