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QUESTION: In humans, the allele for curly hair and the allele for straight hair show incomplete dominance. The offspring of a curly haired person and a person with straight hair will have what kind of hair?

ANSWER: about halfway between curly and straight.  We call it "wavy"

Similar to skin color.  The offspring of a person with very pale skin and someone with very dark skin will be someone with in-between color skin.  

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QUESTION: How can an offspring inherit a recessive trait.

Blue eyes are recessive in humans to the dominant trait of brown eyes.

Let's say your mom has blue eyes, which means she has two blue-eyed genes.

You will get a gene for eye color from your dad.  It may be blue or brown.  But since your mom has only blue genes, you will get a blue eyed gene from her.  

In order for you to have blue eyes, you must get a blue eyed gene from your dad.  If he has blue eyes, then you will definitely get a blue eyed gene from him.  But if he has brown eyes, you may get a brown or blue gene from him.  If he is homozygous for brown (he has two brown eyed genes), then you will get a brown from him.  But if he is heterozygous for brown (one brown gene and one blue gene), then you have a 50-50 chance of getting a blue eyed gene from him.

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