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I was wondering if you could help me with my science fair question

I have a science fair in between 5-7 days
and my topic is How does color/smell affect our appetite?

Here's what I want on the science fair:
An interview with people about my question on the trifold, a video in front of the trifold and something that connects to the audience when they come to look at my project.

Please tell me what to put in the video in front of the trifold and

Please tell me what I can have to connect with the audience

Please dont ask any follow up quuestions as I only have little time left and
Thanx in Advance

To connect with audience, maybe make two batches of chocolate chip cookie.  Make one normal and one with lots of blue food coloring.  Cut them into small pieces and invite people to taste them.  

The video might be watching people taste normal cookies and blue cookies and say how they like them.  Also have them try blue cookies and regular cookies with their eyes shut.  Don't tell people it's  the same recipe except for the food coloring.

You could also take video of people tasting the same food while exposed to a dish of smelly chemical (like Windex it ammonia) or a dish of perfume.  And then have them taste the same food without the smell in the background.  

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