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When an egg in a container is dropped to the ground I knew w the force of gravity forces it down but I wanted to know if this is an indirect or direct force? Also  sponges at the bottom of the container I was wondering if this would have a buoyancy effect and if the force is direct? Also what forces act in a parachute?

Hi Glenda,

You are speaking of Gravity.  An egg in a container when dropped will hit the ground and the focus will be transferred to the egg and in most cases the egg will break.  However, if it is cushioned in some way, such as with sponge, the forces will be partly absorbed by the sponge so that the egg amy not break.  However, it depends on the amount of energy that is absorbed at impact which will determine if the egg survives.

A parachute is a bit different.  There are several forces acting here.  First is the force of gravity pulling the parachute down but this is being partly counteracted by wind and air resistance which is why the parachute slows down.  If the parachute is large enough, the payload will fall but very gently.

I'm not sure if I answered your question.  If not please restate and ask again or ask other related questions.

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