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One thing I've always admired about you is your ability to put things in perspective. I have a hard time doing that myself. Which is why I want to ask you this question. 

'Putting others at their ease' (1.1s and SPs especially) is a valid and trustworthy way to handle them. But it seems to conflict with the code of honor 'don't need praise, APPROVAL, or sympathy'. I put approval in caps because it's what I want to ask you about. 

Putting people at their ease is almost like seeking their approval. How do you, personally, decide or know when  it's better to do put others at ease rather than  not care wether they approve or not. I try to live out that code but it seems to get me in trouble. People don't like someone who couldn't care less what they think. Yet, the code seems to imply that approval and such things are unnecessary. 

There's nothing wrong with receiving approval.

There's everything wrong with NEEDING it.

When you create an effect on others that they can easily have, you can scarcely avoid receiving their praise or approval.  It's just that the point of one's actions isn't about getting.  It's about creating.  If you create good, then as a natural consequence, that's also what you tend to wind up with.

"Outflow is holier, more moral, more remunerative and more effective than inflow." - L. Ron Hubbard - HCOPL 6 July 1959, 'OUTFLOW'


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