QUESTION: Hello. What does a person say when he admires something bad?

Does he say about disease, "wow what a good job this disease is giving me"?


ANSWER: Admiration is a flow.  It does not have verbal content.

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QUESTION: Ah ok. So a thetan just manufactures it from nothing and there is no requirement of words?

Also if I want to admire something with words does that bring about admiration?

It seems kind of mysterious when we say admiration is a flow.

You can feel happy or sad or antagonistic without words.  They are just feelings.

You can feel affinity or admiration or dislike or contempt for something without words.  They are just your opinions about the thing.

You can get an image of this merely by standing close to your stove, or a pet, or whatever, and then standing farther away.  You can do these things without words.  The relationship between you and the thing is what it is.  Words are not the thought.  They are symbols about the thought.

If you speak words out loud to someone/thing then you are using symbols to convey the idea.  This is communicating the thought, attitude or opinion.  It's not the thought, attitude or opinion.

It is usual for the chatterbox western mind to include words, even a running narrative, when a person tries to think.  But everything you layer on top of the pure thought itself is just more complexity and greater distance between you and the actual thought.

That said, there are no rules about what a person may or may not do about their feelings.  If one wishes to express them, one may.  However, the feeling comes first.  Then the symbols or words about it may follow.  


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