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I wanted to ask you, from your experience and gathered knowledge of someone who is on the OT levels, about the ability to sense, be aware of, or possibly know with some degree of detail, the unspoken thoughts and intentions of others.

Do you or others on the OT levels that you know have this abiity to any varying degree? When I say others, I mostly mean the peope you deal with in your life, such as coworkers,supervisors, friends and family.

Can you sense if something negative is being said about you behind your back, and what it is they might be saying? Are you able to see, with some degree of clarity, when someone might act cordially toward you, but secretly dislikes you? If someone was black PRing you behind your back, would you be able to know when and how they were doing it?

Just to further clarify, I am not asking about locating a person on the chart of human evaluation. I am fairly aware of the benefits of doing this, so if possible, I'd like to ask you to restrict your answer to purely the OT side of things.

Most OTs I know are better at perceiving someone's unspoken intentions than non-OTs.  I couldn't say there's a 1-for-1 correlation.  In fact one non-OT I know (though she is Clear) is absolutely uncanny at knowing when someone is up to no good, just being in a room with them, irrespective of how they behave.

I'm not ready to say that there is necessarily something "telepathic" about this, though I and others I know have had the experience of "getting a picture" of some ill-intent when around some ill-intended person.  People should be aware, though, that everyone has little, tiny "tells" about their body language that advertise things about good- or ill-intent, honesty or dishonesty, feelings of guilt, efforts to be secretive or withhold, etc.  Everyone is capable, to a greater or lesser degree, of picking up on what the tensions, tics, movements, stillnesses, etc. of another's body is telling them, essentially by instinct - no training or thinking required.  One HUGE advantage most OTs have is a quiet mind.  That enables one to perceive an incalculable amount more that the person with a constantly yammering mind (the normal human state.)  Therefore, I would normally expect an OT to perceive what is there to perceive, when a thousand other people sitting in the same spot, looking the same direction, would miss a good deal of what's there.

OT perception is not, for me, like having a radio tuned in to others' thoughts.  In a way, I would liken it more to smelling a fragrance, and sometimes only being able to go,"hey, that's odd," but other times being able to immediately put your finger on what it is, and where it came from - "that's a desire to see this project fail, and it's coming from Joe."  There have been occasions when, upon meeting someone, especially an infant or child, I recognize not just that I've met them before, but I know who they are.  Sometimes, it's been possible to objectively verify I was right.  It's just an awareness - not reading the person's mind.

So the answer is yes and no.  OTs pick up intent (and other things) more than non-OTs.  But it's seldom so graphic that you could rely on it the way you could an overheard conversation or diary that fell in to your hands.


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