chuck in life's situations sometimes there are risks  which are real undoubtedly but fear is not real  it is only a choice ..what is scientology's version about this  is it the same ...please respond ...dillon

Hi Dillon,

Hubbard had no pat one size fits all response to fear.

The "case" response is for Scientologists to do the auditing (spiritual therapy) and travel the hundreds and hundreds of individual talk therapy processes, answer by answer, delving into their minds, and supposedly relieving themselves by answering the spiritual therapist's exact questions.

There are thousands of spiritual therapy questions that a Scientologist gets asked, as they do the thousands of processes, in the exact set sequence that is laid out in the big red "The Bridge to Total Freedom" chart that is on the walls of all Scientology churches.

So, the ultimate handling is a "case" handling, and it is done by doing the spiritual therapy.

Supposedly, by the time one gets to "Clear", which is just the midway point in the "Bridge" chart, one is free entirely of "fear" at all psychological and spiritual levels personally.

Now, for day to day living, how to free oneself of fear, if I were the perfect Scientologist, I'd refer you to the beginner book, titled "Problems Of Work" and the chapter on "Confusion and the Stable Datum" as the best day to day antidote to how to handle your fears in life.

Those are the two big answers to your fear question, and how to deal with it.

I'm not a Scientologist, I'm just giving you my best Scientology answers from my 27 years experience when I was a Scientologist.


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