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Did you go to the big event last week? I missed it. Any thoughts? What happened? Was it good?

It was a two night event.  With work-related stuff, I was able to get to one night of it, and one of my daughters went to the other.  We haven't finished comparing notes yet.

However, it seems to add up to more and more stuff being brought completely on-source - from the Purif, to objectives, on up through all of the grades, etc.  

The Purif has been completely standardized, including 100% standardized vitamins, mineral and oil exactly as Ron originally described, being provided on site rather than haphazardly.  Source-directed methodology in use of niacin, daily reports, daily routine, recognition of EP, etc. have been restored.  A hatting film on it has been released.  Now everyone will get the actual Purif and the EP - not hit-or-miss.  The Church has contracted with outside nutrition firms to make everything to the highest quality in the most standard and uniform manner.  No more good vitamins here, bad vitamins there, widely varying oil recipes, non-standard regimens, etc.

Much of what Ron directed to be done while he was alive was never completed - not-dones and half-dones.  The stuff in this event is things he directed done ages ago - but it would have required so much work and so many resources, that rather than completing it, those in charge quickied it.  It took fifteen years and hundreds of thousands of man-hours to do it right (for instance, returning a massive body of LRH works like HCOBs and HCOPLs to what he originally wrote in his own hand and re-issuing them, after they had been altered, re-labeled BTBs and BPLs, and then canceled along with the wholesale cancellation of BTBs and BPLS, and thereby lost.  So now the Scientology grades, plus many admin procedures, are back to the way Ron wrote them, complete with all processes, and though more material is being audited, people are completing faster and with fewer repairs.  Part of the reason for this is full objectives for the first time ever, as mentioned below.

Ron had also directed that ALL objective processes be gathered up from everywhere he had described them and issued in gradient order.  That was never done.  Now that it is done, there are 371 of them, described (with procedure, commands and EP, referenced to the exact lecture or issue where Ron first made them known) in a handbook that's over 800 pages.  Along with this, a new objectives co-audit course has been released, to train anyone and everyone at any level of the bridge how to audit these, and to make it possible for anyone to get all the gain from them, in whatever time it takes, without buying HGC time to do it.  The complete handbook is for C/Ses and professional auditors.  The public course has thorough drilling on TRs and procedure, and then rather than all the technical references behind each process (which would take forever to study), co-auditors get pre-printed process sheets (procedure, commands, EP on a single page) inserted into the folder by the C/S before each day's session.  People from all levels of the Bridge, who have done the course and co-audit at Flag, reported blow-out and life-changing wins in the event film.

The above is on the processing side, the night I attedted.

I gather the night my daughter attended is much the same thing on the training side.

Had These sorts of things been in place 45 years ago, my bridge would have gone faster, with less effort, and I'd have gotten as much or more out of it.

That's my impression.


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