I am very interested in Dianetics and Scientology but I don't think there is a church in the state (Oklahoma). I have received some literature from I.A.S. but the auditing is out of reach! Will joining I.A.S. help me at all?

Joining IAS creates somewhat better donation rates for you.  

Co-auditing with a friend or family member doesn't require any donation.

Volunteering to be audited by a student auditor can often be at no cost.

If you join staff, you are eligible for whatever services your church is qualified to deliver as a part of of your exchange for your staff work, and at half the donation rates of public, for upper level services.

There is a church and two missions in the Dallas area and a mission in Wichita.  I don't see anything in Oklahoma.  You can form your own Dianetic Study Group or Dianetic Interest Group locally.  You and members can learn how to audit from the Dianetics book and audit each other.  


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