I know that on the scientology website it explains what scientology is, but it makes it a little hard to follow. what exactly is scientology? in simple words and explanation. If some one asked you directly what it was then what would you say (not making it too long). Also i was wondering, in the creed on the website, the creed is a little sexist, is it just generally accepted or is it only because thats how its written, if that makes sense. I mean, when it says man or men it could refer to mankind or men and women alike as the word women ends with men, but it also says his. I just want to clarify, thank you.

Hi, N. Thanks for writing.

First off, you need to understand several things:

1. That there's the SUBJECT of "Scientology"...and is an applied spiritual philosophy (and a study of knowledge)...that was researched, developed and codified by Lafayette Ronald Hubbard Senior (1911-1986), an American author. The SUBJECT consists of materials (books, recorded lectures, written processes, etc.) which can be studied and used by anyone to better conditions in their life.

2. That there's the CORPORATE/BUSINESS ENTITY known as "The Church of Scientology"...which is a whole web of groups marketing "The Scientology Religion" (not authored or condoned by Hubbard)...and which is solely controlled and run by a man by the name of David Miscavige...who seized control and power of the organization, and self-appointed himself essentially 'dictator,' just before Hubbard died. The organization USED TO BE about spiritual enlightenment/awareness and self-improvement. But since Miscavige's hostile takeover, the organization has gradually been degraded into a for-profit, money-making mind-control cult operating under the guise of a non-profit 'religion.' The organization is CONTRACTING (growing smaller) and has an active worldwide membership of under 100,000, most likely.

3. There are thousands (or tens of thousands) of FORMER members of the 'church'...people who either 'woke-up' and left the scam of the cult or who were forcibly ejected from the 'church' because they weren't in lock-step-agreement with Miscavige's 'religion.' Many of these people still continue to practice and study the SUBJECT unfettered by the arbitrary and damaging control of Miscavige and his followers.

My personal recommendation would be to STEER AWAY from the 'church' and investigate the SUBJECT for yourself by getting used books by Hubbard published before his death.

Also, you can investigate the true history (not the 'public relations' version pushed by the 'church') by viewing the websites of former organization executives like Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder.

I know this isn't necessarily the *simple answer* you were seeking, but it is an accurate one.

As to your other 'sexism.' "Man/men" as in Mankind. But the 'Creed' is NOT, in fact, practiced by the 'church.' If anything, it's just the opposite.

I hope I've answered your questions...and I wish you well in your journey!

- orbal1


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