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Is the name Tom Esterbrook one of L. Ron Hubbard's pen names?

Yes, I believe that it was.

I do not have direct knowledge of it, because it was reportedly 58 years ago and more, before I was connected in any way with Scientology.  My parents, who knew him at the time, never spoke of it.

There are reports of Ron having used the name in connection with some articles, as well as in some letters to the editor, and there is even at least one anecdotal report of his having "joined staff" under the name, to see at ground level how the public were being treated.  He never, that I can discover at least, wrote a book, fiction or non-fiction, under the name.

Ron himself never directly, in any of the millions of his words that I have read, took credit for having used the name.  Further, I have never read anything over the name.  Had I, I could pretty certainly tell you if it was Ron's writing style or not.

That said, literary houses have reported that Ron used at least the following names:  Elron,  Winchester Remington Colt, Tom Esterbrook, Frederick Engelhardt, Michael Keith, John Seabrook, Rene Lafayette, Ken Martin, Kurth Von Rachen, B. A. Northrup, Jonathan Daly, Charles Gordon, Bernard Hubbel, Michael Keith, Ken Martin, Barry Randolph, Scott Morgan, Legionnaire (with a number appended), Humbert Reynolds, and Mr. Spectator.

I do claim expertise in Scientology, but I do not claim expertise in the life and non-Scientology writings of L. Ron Hubbard.  So - if I KNOW something to be true, I will say so.  If I BELIEVE something to be true, but do not have direct knowledge, I will say that.  In this case, I believe that was one of his pseudonyms.  There are a number of sources which refer to it, but I do not have first hand knowledge.

Here are some funny things about the name "Esterbrook."  First, it is an uncommon spelling for otherwise more common last names, Estabrook and Easterbrook.  Second, it is a small town in Wyoming, located between where Ron was born and grew up, in Nebraska and Montana.  Third, it makes a great pun as a "pen name," because it was the name of perhaps the most prolific maker of pens in the United States at one time, known especially for their fountain pens, which of course have nibs, which is what Ron nicknamed his first son.  So, there ya go.


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