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I'd like your thoughts on something:

When an individual, group or society punishes someone for a wrongdoing, be it an intentional wrongdoing or not, could this be interpreted as a manifestation of the overt-motivator sequence? Could the police in general, their culture and mentality be an interpretation of this, or do all of these things exist because they simply do not have a better method?

A motivator is a motivator because one feels aggrieved about it.  One feels wronged, and like they ought to do something about it - like retaliate.

One feels aggrieved about it, because one DID something (or perhaps many things) wrong first, and doesn't want to admit it.  The whole mechanism of blaming and criticizing (we say "nattering") is to lessen the victim of something one has done, and thus, hopefully, make one's own over "smaller" because somehow the person or group you committed it against is unimportant, or bad, or mean-nasty-evil-corrupt.

So the mere fact that something happened to one does not make it a motivator.  The fact that one feels aggrieved about it is the sign one wronged another first.

This is a case manifestation of individuals.

In society, we try to bring order, and try to build in awards and penalties for good and bad behavior, to encourage the former and discourage the latter.  This is actually sane.  Being human, our laws and enforcement methods are flawed, and can be corrupted or degraded.

The impulse to PUNISH, or to inflict harm in return for harm, to get revenge, is one such way to degrade an otherwise sane system.  All punishment does is supply a motivator, and keep the overt-motivator cycle churning.  Punishment degrades both the punisher and the punished.  Penalties, correction, restitution, rehabilitation, education are all sane and can rescue both the offender and the society.  Punishment cannot.

And the REASON the impulse to punish exists is because what was done to one was a motivator - motivating one to pay it back, and the reason it was a motivator is because one "sinned" prior receiving it.

A person who NEVER HAD ANY OVERTS would, in effect, turn the other cheek.

Does this shed any light on it?


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