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chuck can u give me any feedback to that bastard motherfucker david miscavige ..what is he up to? ..and anything that is happening right now to bring that psychopath to justice..val

Dear Val,

Sorry, I don't know the latest on bringing Miscavige to justice.

One of the sad ramifications of closed groups, and in the USA, once a group, like Scientology gains IRS tax exempt status as a "religion", then such a group's internal "religious" rules which are used to stifle the members rights, this is an advanced predicament of society.

It's something I think best addressed by dissecting the big factors, and more clearly showing the problem, publicly, and eventually, society will solve the underlying predicament rules that Hubbard built the Scientology movement upon, and upon that heap, it's Miscavige, the Miscavige problem is a bully who's taking advantage of a setup, the Hubbard setup, which has been allowed to exist here in the USA.

The good news, in history of Scientology, is the huge number of smart ex members who are re-educating themselves, helping media, and our media are really the ones who add their real world knowledge and opinions and insights into the whole Scientology problem (Hubbard's rules upon which Miscavige is even abusing beyond even what Hubbard did).

It will unravel, eventually, as more smart ex members speak up, and figure out how to continue unraveling this abuse of people, which Hubbard's system "voluntarily" leads the followers into their self abuse of their rights, as a subset religious right!

It's a mess.

Miscavige is just a bully risen in the imperfect Hubbard rules system that abuses itself already highly constrains and leads to recurring small and large abuse of the followers the rule system that is, even without a supreme tyrant usurping bully leader like Miscavige.

Layers of stuff, that the media is unraveling, and it just needs continual emphasizing all the biggest problems, and show how tyrant Miscavige has abused even the Hubbard abusive system!   All under the banner of religious freedom, all due to the IRS buckling and granting the religious exemption.

It's gonna be a long battle, taking down the Hubbard system, that's been granted this religious tax exempt status.

The Scientology Hubbard reputation, and the Miscavige reputation, at least the media has rightfully and honestly shown Scientology, Hubbard and Miscavige for the low moral character that each insists on displaying, still, despite being exposed by the excellent media these last several decades of excellent books and media!

Miscavige, he's just a tiny bit player!   If you take a longer range view, just think of how Miscavige will be forgotten, in the decades after he dies!    Miscavige has done nothing to help Scientology's reputation.   

The only option Miscavige has to improve his own reputation, or improve Scientology's or Hubbarfd's reputation, is to confront and address:

b) prices
c) OSA

a-1) Cancel all past SP declares, the Intro to Scientology Ethics Book has the exact Hubbard policy that would absolutely support canceling ALL past unjust SP declarations

b-1) Slash prices, or make prices proportional, just like tithing is proportional, thus making mainline official Scientology churches more egalitarian in delivery to the various classes of wealth of the public, internationally!

c-1) Disband OSA, leaving only legal people to NOT be "wog" legalistic, defensive, but be compassionate Christian and giving BACK to those that Scientology has wrongly abused and burned!   Follow the laws, not dodge the laws, and just voluntarily pay back and pay for the damages Scientology's done!   The Way to Happiness, NOT OSA Network Orders, and disband OSA entirely!!!

Chuck Beatty
ex Sea Org (1975-2003)


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