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hello it's me again yes it's true tommy davis's departure from the sea org had to do with miscavige's dictatership alone.....can i ask just one question and i know it is all hard to believe ...hubbard said that a thetan has other bodies on other planets that we all have 2 or 3 bodies living at the same time simultanouesly ....can you go into detail about this and give me your version of the this ..thanks

"bodies in pawn", where apparently some Scientologists, not sure if Hubbard had his own firsthand experiences, but at least other Scientologists felt they had "bodies in pawn" on other civilizations, simultaneously.

This is NOT possible, other than in people's memories of this having been their situation.

I don't know of ANY modern, meaning 1963 till Hubbard's death, technical writing of Hubbard's that continued to deal with this, or try to address this "case" problem of a Scientology parishioner.

It is absolutely not Hubbard's final lineup of spiritual therapy, to address the "bodies in pawn" phenomenon.

The lineup of what we are, per Hubbard is:

a) we each ARE ourselves the single soul that we actually factually are, down deep among the other things that we apparently are, namely our body, and underneath our mind

b) our physical bodies also have infesting each of us, up to hundreds of thousands of other souls, but these other souls (called a two word phrase that is confidential for Scientologists to say or write publicly is "body thetans" or "body thetan clusters").   These clusters of souls do NOT have enough on the ball spiritual awareness to go find a body all of their own, and assume that body and live a life.   These "body thetans" and "body thetan clusters" are very beaten down souls, and they were particularly made mentally damaged by the incident called the Fourth Dynamic Engram.   The Fourth Dynamic Engram is just the super mega trauma that the Xenu story is a retelling of that super mega trauam incident.   This is important to understand, because then all of Scientology and all of Hubbard's theoretical researches, and his final moments in Hubbard's own life, all make sense.

Okay, here's why:

a) Xenu, 75 million years ago, perpetrated such a mega trauma on billions of people (humanoids who were brought here, supposedly, to earth, at that time, for a mass murder and Xenu attempted to obliterate their memories and give them untold amounts of false memories and debilitating memories).   

b) The trauma incident (4th Dynamic Engram) started really with the "Wall of Fire" part of the incident, where the humanoids' bodies (souls in the bodies) around earth's volcanoes and then hydrogen bombs used to blow the volcanoes and the humanoids (billions and billions of them) to smithereens.   The resulting fire story swept earth, killing all who were here then also, thus the "Wall of Fire" incident.

c) Following the mass firestorm devastation that swept earth, the souls of all the murdered humanoids were captured electronically, and then given 36 and 1/2 days of nonstop mental implanting, the crippling and famous "R6 implants", that devastated and debilitated all these souls, and it is the lingering billions of these messed up souls which are today called "body thetans" or "body thetan clusters", and it is THESE souls that one exorcises while doing the Hubbad "upper level" OT levels, numbered OT 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, today in the official churches of Scientology.

d) Thus, the final theoretical frameword of Scientology, has two major sections, the lower levels Clear a person of their own past life traumas and cleans you up as the soul that you individually are.    The upper levels remove all the body thetans off of you, relieving you of the mental snippets of turmoil that your infestation of body thetans were leaking into your mind!

So Scientology does NOT have much emphasis nor really any procedures today, for addressing the bodies in pawn, specifically.

Scientology today cleans up your "track" (past memories) to Clear you as the soul that you are.

And then Scientology exorcises you of your loads of body thetans, relieving you of the mental lingerings of the "R6 implants" that they were given in the Xenu 4th Dyanmic Engram final part, that 36 and 1/2 days of implanting that those souls all got hit with.

That's the therapeutic, supposedly, benefits of the Hubbard spiritual enlightenment therapy that is the Scientology Bridge to Total Freedom, today, in official Scientology.

The occasional Scientologist who has trouble thinking they have another body out there on another planet, sitting in pawn, that they can operate from here on earth, at this moment, is NOT a major "case" problem at all, and it usually is only quickly addressed at some time whenever the Scientologist thinks of it.  It is NOT a major continuing case problem.

Now, all this said, I've known that some Scientologists believed that a famous last lifetime Scientologist came and took over their this lifetime body, and that they are in fact that last lifetime famous Scientologist.

This is address, in the cases where this happens, by Scientology Case Supervisors, as an "overcharged case" and they run more lower level processes and repair what is called the "Out of Valence" lists on such a person.   Until they essentially realize this was delusion, and not reality.

It's not possible that earth people, us souls who inhabit earth bodies, are in that great of soul shape to be hopscotching from body to body, here on earth, within one lifetime.

Theoretically possible, but NOT really possible, since no earth souls are that aware and in control of their soul powers.

Which then gets into, for me, why it is even MORE proof that the soul does not exist, which is my belief today, I'm a naturalism believer, meaning we are just matter, energy and NOT souls underneath controlling our bodies, but we are merely living forms of matter and energy, without souls.

Souls present all sorts of theoretical problems, the invention of all sorts of explanations that dead end, since there is NO proof for all the explanations, no scientific convincing way to prove all the variations of what a soul's abilities really are.

Since ancient Greek times, the "Pre-Socratic" philosophers were able to for their purposes, show that souls could not be nothing, since how can nothing effect something.   A ghost is a contradiction, since if a ghost is not physical, how can a non physical thing have an effect on a physical thing, how can a ghost both fly through the physical universe and NOT have the same limitations as our human bodies cannot fly through the air or pass through walls?

Anyways, this is longer than you likely expected, but those are the "answers" as to why "bodies in pawn", and how a thetan, soul, here on earth could not be operating realistically, bodies on other planets simultaneously, and what current Scientology practices instead focuses on and deals with, to rehabilitate a person, supposedly, spiritually.


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