I thank you in advance for your time Laurie.  Timidity in social situations seems to be one of the aspects in my life in which I have certainty. Oh, I've been pushing through it, but haven't quite grabbed it by the tail,  Yet.   Pretty pathetic really and it's not much fun beating myself up over it.  I'm handling all my other dynamics just fine.  If you'll give me a clue, I'll do the rest.

The way I handled my similar problem was:

a)  took public speaking classes in high school and participated in public speaking competitions.   Doing something that makes you nervous until you are good at it, reduces its nervous-making power over you.

b)  studied English writing and composition so that I could write and speak fluently and intelligently

c)  got auditing, which improved my feelings of self-worth

d)  learned to be expert in certain areas so that I could discuss them with authority.

e)  accomplished things in which I could have personal pride and confidence.

f)  did a Scientology Communication Course (and the training routines within that course more than once in other courses as well).


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