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what is 8th dynamic in twerms of scientology  is there a god and if so then what form does it take for exiustence chuck?  do you think miscavige will fall i heard he uses IAS funds for his lavish lifestyle not bad for cycle regging but is there a comeuppance somewhere down the line for that motherfucker  have u ever met him personnely?

Certainly not a God like of Judaism or Christianity or Islam.

The God of Scientology, is more of what we each are, down deep, once we rise up spiritually, and regain our universe creating powers again.

There is NO God out in the universe thoughts of as a "big being" (with being meaning a spirit with mega horsepower to do things, a floating omniscient powerful angel if you will, or uber angel).

Scientology's more into the powers we likely had, back when we created our own home universes, this theoretically is covered by Hubbard in Time Track Bulletin Number 1, a summer of 1963 writing by Hubbard.   He speculated we each were essentially our own "God" of our own universes, and then we spiritually declined in our powers, and our universes collided, and we accepted this conglomerate universe that we exist in today.

Scientology is a spiritual therapy and spiritual exorcism religion, it's a therapy practice, delivered just like normal psychotherapy, but using Hubbard's talk therapy and essentially they are non peer reviewed PTSD talk therapy commands (thousands of them, all laid out in steps and groupings, all with clearly formed sub goals to obtain for the patent/parishioner).

And the upper levels are high volume exorcism, since the surplus souls that infest our bodies, those souls leak their mental garbage into our minds, unbeknownst to us.   One has to do the Hubbard "lower levels" and clean up one's own "case" trauma from this and past lives.

Then on the upper levels, one uses Hubbard's exorcism procedures to strip off, exorcise, the surplus souls that cling to us, and when those souls are all exorcised, it takes years of exorcism, the levels are called OT 3, OT 4, OT 5, OT 6 and OT 7, then we are supposedly surplus soul free, and only are ourselves.

The "God" of Scientology only gets lip service from Hubbard, in a few of his writings, and the Scientology PR people won't tell you what I just told you.   They'll give you a canned answer and refer to one of the several Hubbard high minded statements regarding God, without going into the details.

For instance, a good detail they ought to get into, is the fact that on the False Purpose Rundown, one addresses the God subject, and the Hubbard processes for addressing the God subject area, are very indicative of how Hubbard thinks about God.

Scientologists nor Hubbard worship NO single God, nor do they worship ANY God, because what Scientologists understand, there is NO actual supreme super duper spiritual being in the universe.

We each are capable of rising again, to the supreme being powers, a long ways down the road, in our spiritual development, is how Hubbard and how Scientologists who are well trained in ALL of the writings and lectures where Hubbard discusses God.

Realize, that when you discuss God seriously, with a Scientologist, you will understand that there is NO actual super being in the universe, who goes by the name of "God."

We all are spirits, and we all here on earth inhabit bodies, and our bodies are infested with surplus lesser aware souls, which Scientology and Hubbard call 'body thetan.'

The "body thetans" are just souls, like us, but who are in very deteriorated mental shape, but these "body thetans" are just a kind of the many kinds of deteriorated souls in the universes wide long history.

Hubbard's Scientology is a therapy and exorcism religion, that attempts to rehabilitate a soul's understanding of itself, and strip off the mental trauma, and strip off the "body thetans" and leave us as more pure souls, more aware of our long histories in the universe, and leaving us ready to carry on towards more pure forms of being a pure soul, a soul without a body, a soul aware and capable of operating in the physical universe, free of the encumbrances of a body, like a soul astronaut, like a soul that is a floating glowing orb of whatever, like on Star Trek episodes.

God, in relation to this soul that is free of a body, God would just be a few notches above such a soul.

God would be a soul so in control of ALL things in the universe around that soul, that the soul could do whatever that soul wished.

One of Hubbard's science fiction stories, has a simple story, of a futuristic cult leader, on earth in the future, this is a science fiction story Hubbard wrote in 1940.    The cult leader in the Hubbard science fiction story, is called George Smiley.   

Smiley figures out a way to make people into pure souls, capable of starting their own universes.

Such a soul would be their own God, of their own universe.

That is what Scientology is long range striving to help rise the people who get into Scientology, to someday, not within their earthly lifetime this lifetime, but in their future lives, as they continue advancing spiritually, in the LONG future, after even doing all of Hubbard's "Bridge to Total Freedom" steps that Hubbard laid out (which I summarized above as mainly the lower levels get a person to deal with all their past lives trauma resulting in the "Clear" status;   and then the upper levels is the high volume exorcism, and the final level, called OT 8 isn't the end, a person will actually need to read all that Hubbard wrote, and decide for themselves, what exactly Hubbard wishes for them to do next--there's about 3 major options, but Hubbard has clearly stated that the end end end goal, is Native State for this Universe, which means the God state, for everyone!)

Okay, that's more answer than any Scientologist alive in official Scientology will give you, hope this helps!

Chuck Beatty
ex Sea Org (1976-2003)
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