Hello again, I've messaged you many times about this as I'm sure you'll remember. I'm the person who can't figure out how to return. Sorry to trouble you again but I still can't figure it out. I read the passages about returning to my non-Scientologist friend and asked him what he thought and he didn't understand either. I don't understand how thousands of people who this all seem to understand what returning is and I feel like the only person who doesn't. Every time I try to test it in a different way, it never works. I've tried pretending I am back there and hoping something will happen, nothing happens. I've tried concentrating on a memory, doesn't work. I just don't understand how it works and what I'm supposed to do. LRH says it's "much different from remembering". Even the example of how to do it, telling a child to "go back" and coaxed they will come forward, makes no sense to me, or my friend. How is that any different from asking them about the last time they went skiing? Telling someone to "go back"? Maybe i'm too occluded for it to work? I try to return to something earlier in my day but all I can do is remember it, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing. I really need to figure this out because I can't do auditing or anything until I do and I feel like I'm going to give up on Scientology. Is there anything else you can tell me about returning? It's just so weird to me that I can't figure this out. I can think of a food and get the taste again, or a smell and get the smell again, or get visio again, so I know my percepts (or perceptics, or whatever they're called) are working, I just can't figure out how I'm supposed to return and make them all work together and what I'm supposed to do. Do I just put my attention on an incident? There's a part in Dianetics where LRH talks about how some people when they think of a rose, see it, smell it, feel it. Is his point in mentioning this that these people are doing returning as their thinking? So if so, that would basically say that return is when you just put your attention on something or think of something? I'm so confused.

In 45 years in Scientology, including staff and public experience at a field mission, two Class V orgs and two advanced organizations, including my own auditing of others as a Dianetic auditing student, I have never run into anyone who had a proper C/S-1 and was being audited by a Church-trained auditor under a church-trained and supervised C/S in the field, in a mission, or in an org, who had difficulty with returning.

Is this your situation?  Are you being audited by a church-trained auditor under a church-trained and church-supervised and sanctioned C/S?  Are you receiving standard Dianetic auditing?  Did you receive a proper C/S-1 (the first thing in auditing, where the auditor sits down across from the PC and clears all of the words, concepts and activities of what they are about to do, by having the PC read and if necessary demonstrate Source materials, and clear/define the words therein)?

The degree of complexity that you are introducing into this utterly simple concept appears impenetrable.  This would not be happening if the conditions I stated above were in place.

If you are not approaching this standardly, I don't know how I can clear it up for you.

For instance, has anyone ever sat down with you and completely cleared the concepts of thetan, analytical mind, reactive mind, and body with you, and what the inter-relationship is between these, and what the role of each is in auditing?  Have you had the terms entram, secondary and lock cleared by an auditor using demonstrative illustrations, etc.?  Do you fully get that you, the thetan, are not part of the physical universe?  A person who understands these concepts is able to return when you ask them to go to the incident, scan through it (or move through it, depending on the technique in use), etc.  They simply do it when you ask them to.  

So - I have to ask - are you being audited and C/Sed under the auspices of the Church?  It sounds as though you are not.  If you are not, nothing I can explain, nothing I can offer, will make it possible for you to make gains in Dianetic auditing, because you don't have access to Church cramming, review, or repair services.


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