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I am not a Scientologist but am pretty well versed in the terminology and concepts.  My questions relate to the relationship
between the thetan and theta. Also what is the static and how does
it tie in with the other two? The thetan is self-aware but is theta
also self-ware? And whatever the static is, is it self-aware?  So what is the source of awareness?  

Thank you,
Roger Hornaday

A thetan is a "static". It is a static because it is not made out of matter, energy, space or time. That's what makes it a static. So the static is a static in terms of the physical universe. So a thetan is an awareness of awareness unit. All thetans could be described as a static/statics, so in this context, a static is an awareness of awareness unit.

It would be speculation as to whether one thought it was a static in terms of some other universe.

Theta is the life force which animates living things.

The place where Hubbard originally covered all this, was the Factors and the Axioms. You probably have read them already.

I personally have some theories about theta and thetans, but they are just my theories. I tend to think that at some point there were no individual beings (thetans) but there was this spiritual life force. "Theta". I speculate that it sent out bits of attention to do and create things and that after a bit, those bits of attention took on personalities and became beings.  But that's just how it seems to me.

I believe that is the source of awareness. I believe that it always existed and always will.  


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