Hey Laurie,  

My sister and I have experienced a lot of similar things. Up until a point ours were pretty much identical. Yet we've responded to things in very different ways. She took the path of education while I took the path of drugs.

Yet we both seem to be stuck at an impasse of obstacles.

She won't tell you this but I know that she struggles with uncertainty. Anyone who is not sure will inevitably deal with that afflliction.  

But what makes one sure? Is it a feeling? Is it a knowingness? What is it that really defines truth?

Certainty comes from answers.

Answers may come from other people, from the environment, from study, or from the person themselves.  People of great religious faith, for example, have answers, "The reason and purpose for everything = God, and God will see that things turn out right.  Right = according to God's plan."  The answers may or may not have any remote relationship to objective reality, but they are answers.

Equipped with answers, they have certainty.  That certainty enables them to act.  Action causes barriers to evaporate.


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