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i recently read this book called history of man there is this one topic called 'genetic entity'  can i ask you since hubbard had said that it resembles a being is it infact another thetan that monitors the heart beat and plays a role to grow the body ..and why does it carry facsimiles?  why is it that a diferent genetic entity joines the theta line when we take over a new body  why does not the same ge from the previous body join me in my next body?  i know you invalidate scientology but if you can give me the info soi can evaluate for myself it will be appreciated,  val dillon

Dear Val,

History of Man has to be read in full context.

LRH changed his views about what most affected our cases, and caused us mental troubles.

Genetic entities, as talked about by LRH in the early 1950s, didn't become part of the Grade Chart steps, by the mid 1960s.

And by the late 1960s, LRH came up with the problems that "body thetans" cause us, and his solution to the troubles that "body thetans" cause us, are contained in the exorcism procedures of OT 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, today.

Genetic entities I think LRH gave up on addressing them, until he came up with OT 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, to deal with "body thetans" instead.

I urge you to read this link, download the OT materials, and read the OT levels.   The Class 8 Course confidential HCOBs also have lots of great information.

But the OT 3 Course pack in particular, gives really what is the latest, in terms of dealing with the extra souls, that infest our bodies.

I don't believe that "body thetans" are real, and I don't believe we are infested with surplus souls, and I don't believe the body thetans leak bad stuff from their minds into our minds.

But that is how "pictures" or "mockups" could leak from the minds of souls (body thetans) that are infesting our bodies, and their leaked thoughts could leak into our minds.

This is explained in the OT 3 Course Pack HCOBs.

Check out the confidential materials, they explain it further.


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