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Hi Laurie in problems of work Ron says that the stable datum for the confusion of all the creation that exist in life is work,and that the stable datum of work is its cause.Now i cant understand why a pro soccer player gets 100 million Euro only to score with a ball?Thats the cause of the game,and also Ron said that the difference between playing and working is the cause,playing should be named as working without cause,is this some form of massive aberration?Second why should we put work as a stable datum and not for instance the family unit or the love for the nature and animals for example,why only work and production and not family love or an other higher ideal?And what can somebody who lives in a land with high unemployment,high cost of life and even when he works low pay and super taxation can do?

The most positive thing you can do is to take part in the political conversation of your nation.  Perhaps that can be your work.

The reason that work is a stable datum is that it is a means for the being, the thetan, existing with a physical body, to create a product, help his fellows, have an effect on his environment.

Work is the means to support the family.  Work is a group in and of itself, and it is a way to promote and support group (even a group as large as a nation) survival, and the survival of man in general.

The thing a thetan needs more than anything else in life is evidence that he has done good - has had a positive impact.  And work is perhaps the most reliable way to procure this satisfaction and self-respect.

As Greece and Europe are learning, austerity in a time of financial downturn crushes economies.  Crippled economies shed jobs.  When no one can work, the national morale goes completely negative.  It is a downward spiral, reinforcing itself with each turn of the screw.

What it is, at is heart, is a misapplication of the Conditions of Existence.  When in an emergency, the first thing is, "PRODUCE!"  Austerity cripples production.  The only proper time to apply austerity is in the presence of a surplus, which has been produced by a period of affluence, and then only after one has retired one's debt.  In Affluence, retire debt.  If there is enough affluence to eventually retire all debt, then invest in infrastructure, means of production, health and welfare of the populace, etc.  Aside from that, waste no money, and acquire no new debt or long-term obligations.

In Emergency, knock out all the blocks some way, any way; turn yourself inside out, and use every available resource to PRODUCE.  That will generate the resources necessary to get a handle on debt, and raise you do a normal condition.

Governments almost always apply the wrong condition, it seems.


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