Hi Laurie,

I have always been very intelligent and bright. I achieved the highest higher school certificate mark in my high school (its the end of high school leaving exams in Australia to gain entry to University). I have always been able to figure things out and be good at problem solving. etc.

However, something I notice and especially into my 20's I've noticed it more and more, is that I am not very good at concentrating in a conversation with another person. I often wander off in my mind whilst is another is talking and I require effort to keep concentrated on what they are talking to me about. This often makes me produce answers to peoples conversations that make me appear glib or as if I wasn't listening, or I "didn't get it" in a joke or whatever.

Is this because of mis-understood words in the conversation?? If so, could this be the only reason for this phenomenon? Could it be me being out of present time and needing auditing to help that? Is there anything in L Ron Hubbard's current basic work or any basic Scientology processing which could help me with this?

Its been a problem for a while and has hindered me socially and in other areas.

Thankyou in advance.

The problem here is that there could be at least a dozen reasons.

You might as well have written to ask why your leg hurts.  Is it because I strained a muscle?  Do I have arthritis?  Is it a deep vein thrombosis?  Do you think I have rheumatic fever?  I have read that ALS starts with pain the extremities.  Do you think it's that?  How about Guillain-Barre - that presents with leg pain, too.  What do you think?

I think you have having trouble paying attention to people.

It could be misunderstood words/glibness, it could be a lack of confront, it could be that you are distracted with ongoing problems that you can't tear your mind from, it could be some level of being chronically out of present time, etc, etc.

You might try some of the drills from the Self Analysis book.  You might try a communication course, wherein you will get a good deal of practice doing OT TR-0 and TR-0 (early training routines), which will help you practice being in present time.  You get get auditing up through Grade 0 (communication).  You might try word clearing on whatever you were studying at the time this started happening.  You would try Method 1 Word clearing (which is an auditing action) to clear lifetime misunderstoods.

Truth is, without having you in front of me, chatting, for a good long time, I could not say.


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