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Hi Laurie,

I saw this quote recently on the New Era Publications Website. Since I don't have readily access to the exact material where its from, I would like your interpretation of this quote and hopefully that can help me understand it better.

"If you worry about winning, you're going to lose"
2nd ACC, lecture 65, p.502

Just a little confused - because a goal of a Rugby/Soccer team for example would be to win the game. Their main aim is to win. So is LRH referring to focusing on all the actions that go into winning, rather than winning itself?

Anyway your interpretation would be great. Thankyou in advance.

The way I look at it, the proper focus for this quote is on the word "worry."

Worry implies a not-know or can't-know with regard to the outcome of something, and at the same time assumes that there is an outcome you aren't willing to have, and that that outcome is a potential reality.

In other words, "Something bad might happen, I don't know if it will or not, and I am not in control of whether it does or not."  That's worry.  If you were willing to have the outcome, you would not worry.  If you knew what the outcome would be, you might *dread* it, but you wouldn't *worry* about it.  If you could control the outcome, there would be nothing to worry about, because you would determine the future to match your preference.

So if you WORRY about winning, you have already assumed an attitude which virtually assures you will lose.

This is the anatomy of a problem.  A problem is opposing forces.  If EITHER of the opposing forces is absent, there can be no problem.  Press your hands together.  Press has hard as you can.  How much effort can you exert?  Now try to press one hand against the other, but don't offer any resistance with the second hand.  How hard can you press?  How much effort can you exert?  Essentially, none.  

The idea here is that theta (you) is cause.  In order for there to be anxiety, worry, fear, there has to be something you are unwilling to experience.  If you can experience anything, you are never anxious, worried or fearful.  There is no problem, because the "Can't have" side of the equation is missing.  YOU are who determines what you are willing to experience.  In order to worry, YOU have to create both the idea of what you can't experience, AND the idea that it might happen.  If you are totally willing to lose, you don't have to waste the effort RESISTING the idea of losing, and that effort will be available to be invested in winning.

If you prepare for a trip, an exercise, a business deal, etc. WORRYING about all of the things that could go wrong, you may prepare for seeming every contingency, but you will probably manage to engineer (consciously or unconsciously) some mishap in spite of (if not because of) all your caution.

If you get the idea you can know the outcome of a contest, you can decide you will win.  Whether you DO win or not, at least you will not have crippled yourself with worry, so you will be unencumbered in putting forth your best effort.  And if you KNOW you can win, you can continue to do your best, even when an impartial observer might assume your are losing too badly to come out on top in the end.  

If you study the opposition, learn, practice, plan, build your fitness, hone your skills until you have accounted for all circumstances you will encounter in a match, you will in fact have the ability to ensure a win.  If you have the ability to ensure a win, there is nothing to worry about.  If you have that ability and yet WORRY anyway, you will again cripple yourself and lose.

So I think what Ron is talking about just winning, rather than WORRYING about winning.

I know I've kind of beat this to death, but this idea of falling victim to the very thing you most resist is one of the most important principles of life, and one of the least understood.

Remember Yoda in the first Star Wars?  "Do or Do not. There is no try." Yoda  "Worry" and "try" are sisters.


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