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Dear Laurie,a friend of mine has multiple sclerosis.He is  25 years a staff member of the church he has approximately 1500 hours of auditing,he worked at the academy,he is not a clear,due to his condition he could no longer work at the church,now he is living with his parents and made his paperwork to get some form of government sponsored pension for his illness.He has witnessed in the past another scientologist with the same illness miraculosly due the auditing and processing of scientology cured,he is now totally cured.He has witnessed a lot of miracles all those years for all kind of illnesses for a lot of people,he is 100% dedicated to scientology.What do you think is the best processing he has to undertake to handle his issue?I told him about purity but he has already done it twice in the past.I know that each case is special,but i cant help it,seeing him suffer.Thanks

Auditing does not address medical illnesses.

It addresses a person's state of mind - and if the body is capable of healing itself, then improving one's state of mind may allow it to do so.  Relieving mental stress is widely known and recognized to be a key factor in physical health.

Multiple Sclerosis is a degenerative disease for which there is no cure.  It progresses differently for different people, and one of the types of disease course for MS is "relapsing remitting," which is characterized by periods with no symptoms interrupted (sometimes frequently and sometimes rarely) with periods of attacks of nerve inflammation and degeneration.  Several doctors have posited, but without clear proof, that stress can bring on attacks in relapsing remitting MS - and that if you keep a person's stress level low, they will have few or no attacks.  Scientology and Dianetics have proved to be REALLY effective at reducing a lot of people's stress responses.  Just which item or area of processing or training is most effective in this respect is different from one person to the next, because people's cases are each unique.

So it sounds like your friend may have primary progressive MS or relapsing progressive MS, which never goes away, and just gradually gets worse over a person's life, and the person who was "cured" may have relapsing remitting MS, and used Dianetics and Scientology to reduce their stress levels, and so is not having any attacks.

I can't say what causes MS (there are as many theories as there have been studies into the condition) or what might treat it (I've seen suggestions for everything from herbs to drugs to diet to venous surgery).  But I do know that there is nothing in Scientology or Dianetics which might predictably improve the course of the disease.


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