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Hello Laurie,

I recently discovered your amazing site and am impressed. Sorry for the following long winded post.  My question is how should I continue my spiritual path?

I have been “grazing” Scientology for the last few years. However, just before me recent birthday, I made a self-determined decision to be a certain person by the time I became 29.  I knew that I needed  some some sort of system to achieve my goal.

My response was to complete the “Setting and Achieving your Goals” life improvement course. This course allowed me to understand the Admin Scale, which allowed me for the first time to have hope and confidence in my goals. I should mention that I was supposed to do this at the church, but I did it at home.

My main Purpose is something like, “ To increase my intelligence by using the “Genius FormulaTM.” It is basically a thought process that allows one do discover about anything and to think extremely intelligently about anything including the discovery of Truth. In my opinion it is based on Scientology is based on having thorough perception and therefore having accurate differentiation(which is defined as intelligence).

Now, I know that Scientology does not advocate mixing practices, however... As the 10 points of keeping scientology working states, “Know that the technology is correct”. Through my personal observation and testing, I know that this method works... I do not know of a specific COS tech that increases intelligence... So I don’t see how using a technology that the COS lacks as violating policy.

Anyway, I was given a truth that went something like “ Peoples abilities, intelligence and ethics rise and fall together.”

I also knew that a major personal flaw is a considerable lack of ethics, so I know that to fully accomplish my goal, I have to have a much more refined level of ethics. So I planned to deal with this by formulating an ethical code and creating Programs, Projects and Targets for each of them and that will hopefully increase my intelligence and allow me to be able to use the Tech effectively.

Here is my personal ethical code... I did my best to keep it in line with the dynamics and scientology principles.

1. Compassion- Being able to love and help self others widely and freely.
2. Good Humor- Having  a High Level Attitude and the ability to freely laugh.
3. Flexible Considerations- Ability to freely change mind/not resist.
4. Resolution- Maintaining a strong intention to achieve my goals.
5. Personal Integrity- Make decisions and judgments based on personal observation.
6. Communication- Continually refine and develop my ability to communicate.
7. Courage- Willingness to confront anything including falseness.
8.Responsibility- Gradually developing the ability to admit cause.
9. Systematic- Use workable methods to Do.

Anyhow this is where my question about Scientology comes in... I want to improve my abilities using scientology to achieve my aims. I don’t care about the bridge at this time, I may later but not now. I am afraid that the COS wouldn’t approve of my path.

I only took 4 courses at a church one of which I did not complete. I did not even take the Hubbard Qualified. The big reason is that the class room setting is extremely re-stimulative... I used to be a very tenacious, bright, communicative and happy child but after going to school, it really damaged me to the extreme. To this day I  am very blunted in my ability to send communication in verbal form.... I can  cope as I am an expert listener and am good at acknowledgment. Nevertheless, I am very isolated and very limited in my ability to procure meaningful relationships with others. I know that my failure in grade school is my own doing, but my failure to recover causes this to be a very “sore” spot.

Anyhow, due to my attitude and resistance toward school-like environments and the fact that the Course Supervisor, rushed me to complete the Communication Course I was on in order to “Get me on the next course”(his words) which I felt obliged to do so and didn’t get the gains I wanted... I can say that I have not adequately benefitted from taking an actual course at COS. Therefore I am very comfortable about going back.

I understand and use some study tech including demo kit and word-clearing and I tested 127 on the Novis test... so although I am not a savant I am not “dull” either. But while on course I couldn’t understand or use the materials at all so I know I need to handle my problem before going back.

But at present I am doing a basic extension course which I have almost completed. And now back to the main questions I wanted to ask.

I really wanted to develop those 9 areas I specified by using Scientology. But I don’t know exactly do next. I am aware of several options. However, so far I have found that going on course at the COS didn’t quite work for me so far.  

1. I can go on and complete the extention courses.

2. I can start do the handbook for preclears  and  the Self Analysis... Which in your opinion is better to do first?

3. I could find some of the course material on the internet or from freezone and do them at home.

4. I am open to other options.

What do you suggest I do?

Thank you for your time. Sorry again for the book I wrote.

I've been turning this over in my head quite a bit.

All that I can really recommend is that you simply do Scientology, in order, without additives or changes.  That's what I did to achieve that same sorts of things you say you are seeking to do - raise my IQ (from 130 to 155), increase my confront of people and my ability to socially interact with them, increase my ability to achieve my goals, be open, flexible and accepting of people - non-judgmental, etc., heighten my affinity and compassion for others, sharpen my sense of humor due to a vastly increased perception of and appreciation for illogic and incongruity, increase my own personal integrity, including an increased innate sense of the survival value of particular choices and an acute sense of the consequences of poor choices, increase responsibility, etc., etc., etc.  All came through just doing Scientology.

You have already indicated that you have misunderstood words from your Scientology study to date.  Going back over the material you have covered and clearing up misunderstood words would be a good first step.  You are saying that you have a very heavy study case.  The entry to solving that is clearing misunderstood words.  There is a course called Key to Life that many have found to be pivotal in forever banishing study problems.  You might look into it.


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