I hope you are well. I have a question for you about resistance. I don't mean to be repetitive but I still don't understand what you said to me about resistance (a few posts back a while ago).

You stated that resistance is persistence. That whatever you resists persists simply through the act of resistance. I understand the concept but what I'm hung up on is the word "resist". What does it mean to resist something? In life, people aren't physically connected to other beings. At least not in a general, everyday, sense(perhaps at the molecular or other scientifically-minded level all is connected).

Can you give me a real-world example of how someone would be resisting, say, grumpy people? Are they resenting them? Are they angry with them? What, exactly, does it mean to "resist"?

One would resist grumpy people by being unwilling to experience them, unwilling to have them around, or to be around them; by internally fighting the idea of having to come face to face or deal with a grumpy person; by trying to avoid them; by hating the idea that someone would be grumpy; by hating, judging or being unpleasant toward someone whom they perceive as grumpy.

This hypersensitivity toward grumps, this "allergy" if you will, will cause myriad manifestations which end up with the grump-resistor being plagued with grumpy people.  For one, they will perceive people as grumpy who are not, and afflict themselves with the idea that they are in the presence of a grumpy person.  This will cause them to act in ways which turn pleasant people grumpy.  Also, they will interact with a grumpy person in a manner which only makes their mood worse, so that a "slightly grumpy" situation becomes a "really grumpy" situation.  Then, too, they will be rigid, combative, suspicious, etc., which will turn people grumpy.

So, what the grump-hater resists, will persist.


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