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Scientology/How does Scientology operate on a national level?


Hello, I'm wondering if you could tell me how Scientology operates on a national level. In other words, what are the Scientology equivalents of the Roman Catholic Church's parishes, dioceses, provinces, etc.?

And, if possible, what changes have occurred in Scientology's national organization since the 80's, since I have read that significant changes occurred during that decades but am not sure how much they affected regional and local organization.

The reorganization in the 1980's dealt strictly with the topmost organizational structure.

There are not, strictly speaking, things like parishes, dioceses, provinces, etc.

There are levels of organizations, but not, strictly speaking, territories - other than the principle that a given church or mission ought to serve the parishoners within its general geographic area.  There are no names for the subdivisions of geographic areas of reaponsbility

The levels are things like Interest Group, which is a bunch of folks reading books, using them, and discussing what's in them; Mission, which delivers levels of formal religious services not exceeding some of the lower courses and Dianetic and "Grades"-level Scientology counseling; Class V organizations, or "Central" churches, which deliver Academy level training and somewhat more advanced counseling, including services known as "expanded" Dianetics, etc.; and then there are Continental churches for levels above what Class V can handle - "Advanced" organizations for counseling and "Saint Hill" organizations for training.

Very, very roughly, the sizes of the areas a given church might handle would be a neighborhood or portion of a town for in Interest Group, a town for a mission, a state or several counties for a Central church, and a continent or a half a continent for an Advanced or Saint Hill organization.

If an area is very densely populated, it might have more than one Central Org or Central church in a single metropolitan area.  I can think of four, off-hand, in the Greater L.A. region of Southern California, plus Central orgs in San Diego, Sacramento, San Francisco, etc.  On the other hand, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, for instance, being less densely populated, have a single Central Organization each.  Florida and New York have more than one each.

Administratively, there is an international headquarters in California, akin, I guess you might say, to the Vactican, which sets policy and goals globally.  Its directives are distributed and overseen by continental administrative offices.

I hope that helps to clarify somewhat.


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