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Christians believe that Jesus was the 8 dynamic incarnated to a human body,is it ok to assume that he was a kind of operating thetan?that broke the cycle of death and rebirth?

I see nothing wrong with such a theory. It would seem to fit the history.

Keep in mind, the 8th dynamic is inherent in every being, as every being is 8 dynamics alive.  Without essentially "infinite" awareness and "infinite" understanding, even if only from a keyed-out perspective, no one could be said to be the 8th dynamic incarnate.

Jesus was limited in his ability to convey his message to his followers by the restrictions of the vocabulary and concepts embodied in early languages, and by the limitations of his followers' awareness - so we have only a rough approximation of what he was trying to get them to understand, as passed orally down the ages.

He did say this, however, or something very like it, as recorded at John 14:20 of the New Testament:  "At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you.'

In other words, the 8th dynamic is inherent in everyone.  For him to be directly aware of this, he had to be operating at a pretty high theta level.


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