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What did the mexican sorcerer exactly do that was so strange to your eyes?As about the color my lucky quess is red!!!That was a joke,as i said earlier i never was a clairvoyant,i did try it once in my teenage years with a crystal ball and when this amazing white light filled tha ball i panicked and it just went away and i was back in the dark room.But why dont you believe in those powers you are a witness of them to,for me remembering past lives is a miracle from itself.

Good for you and your experiences.   

Religious spiritual practices and study and so forth, they have an enduring allure for people.

I'm not any longer attracted to that allure though.

There is definitely in Scientology's writings by L. Ron Hubbard, possibly the best single book that captures what Hubbard is offering, his pseudo-therapy and soul exercises, are laid out in the Hubbard public domain book, "The Creation of Human Ability" easily purchased on Amazon for 1 dollar and 99 cents, if one wants to give a quick summary overview of the type of practices which are core practices of Hubbard's spiritual improvement movement.   

For getting the "Clear" mental status, Hubbard's out of print book, but also cheaply obtained on Amazon is called "Dianetics Today" which gives the Scientology middle history version ("Dianetics Today" is the past lives exploration road map pseudo-therapy of Hubbards, it's the 1969-1975 vintage version, still very workable but the latest Dianetics pseudo-therapy to gain the "Clear" status is the 1978 vintage updated Dianetics writings of Hubbard that can be dug up occasionally elsewhere in discard shelves of used bookstores) of how to "Clear" someone.

To get the latest Hubbard pseudo-therapy writings for free, one has to go to the "Ron's Org" Internet site, and follow the rules respectfully, reach the choices that lead to downloading almost all of the essential modern Hubbard spiritual pseudo-therapy processes (hundreds of commands, thousands actually, laid out in the stages one is recommended and factually required by strict Hubbard rules to follow in their exact sequence and to the exact degree and results that Hubbard's rules require).    Free on the Internet are the writings of Hubbard that will get one essentially almost identically to what the official Scientology church offers, based on the accounts of totally pro highest classed/trained ex Scientology Class 12 "auditors" (pseudo-therapists), and these free writings include the exorcism procedures for OT levels 3, 4 5, 6 and 7.

But I do not believe today in the supernatural spectacular spiritual soul experiences and abilities, me, the answer is no.  

Great that you enjoy your abilities and experiences.

Chuck Beatty
ex (underlined) mainly staff training officer of the
Sea Org (1975-2003)


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I will answer questions about the Sea Organization and administrative internal atmosphere in the Sea Organization from 1975 until 2003, the 27 year period I was part of the Sea Organization.


I was an adminstrative training supervisor for church staff, and I worked compiling checklists of administrative duties for church staff. I also spent almost 7 years on the Church of Scientology's Rehabilitation Project Force, and will answer questions about my time on the RPF and how it worked while I was on it.

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