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In a lecture about money Ron said that there are private capital banking forces that want to make money out of money without giving any production back for it,and they speculate with the money supply,to create inflation or deflation at will.Is it possible that the nations that occurred from the Arab spring or even now with Syria were nations that did not respected the value of the dollar and wanted to accept only euros for their oil exchanges?Is that the reason that the former president of Egypt went out of prison now?because the us administration could not cooperate with the Muslim brotherhood?Is this also the reason behind the Euro crisis? I know that Iran does not sell its oil for dollars the wanted euros.And why not skip this whole money thing and sell directly our products for other products?And why nations must borrow money from private institutions with rent instead of producing them rentfree?

Money has nothing to do with the Arab Spring, outside of the fact that the upper classes had it all, and the lower classes, none.  Financial inequality and injustice makes people who work but can earn nothing, restless.  People who have everything they need, or can earn everything they need, do not revolt.


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