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QUESTION: In another post you said wrongfully that OT or whoever have not  esp abilities,i had them long before i met scientology,so in my eyes you are anything but an expert regarding scientology.Tell us do they pay you good?I mean why are you doing this?

ANSWER: What you say is typical of some strong believing Scientologists.   Even Hubbard says he had OT abilities before he even developed Dianetics and Scientology, he mentions his ESP abilities he had when he was growing up.

Naw, believe me, you haven't said anything new.   

I did 27 years and listened and learned a lot during my years in the Sea Org.   I was an avid reader of Hubbard's writings.

I still waste way too much time reading the Scientology magazines where the wins and successes of the OT Scientologists are written.

The best book on why Scientology isn't what it claims, is Martin Gardner's "Fads and Fallacies."

Here's a test I do to show how poor people's OT abilities are.  

What color is my T shirt that I'm wearing right this moment as I write this answer for you?

Just look at me, exterior, and write me back what color my T shirt is.  Or just go back in time, to when I wrote this answer, and see what color my T shirt was.  


you can email me

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QUESTION: I could see the magnetic field of people and aura and also telekinesis when i was teenager,then i was afraid and stopped,those powers exist,the fact that YOU didn't or some other that CLAIMS that is OT didn't experience them gives not the right to say that such things does not exist.I am not an OT nor a clear,but whatever Ron said about it is worthwhile do give it a shot at least.The fact remains THOSE POWERS DO EXIST

Thanks for telling what your abilities were, and myself, I never had such clear abilities.

The best moment that seemed mystical, before Scientology, was I tried a Mexican sorcerer's ritual, and it "worked".    It seemed that it could have just been an amazing coincidence, it was not an hallucination, I wasn't dreaming, it was real, and it scared me.   After that one ritual I gave up the sorcery, it just seemed too fantastic to be true.

I know people have had all kinds of mystical experiences.  

As I grew up, and read more, I changed my mind about these experiences.

The most troubling experience that scared me because it was so real, was prior to Scientology for me, like I found is the case with so many people, in fact it seemed that people had more powerful mystical ESP experiences outside and before Scientology, in fact.

Nice chatting with you.

Did you get a color image though, for my T shirt, that I was wearing yesterday?   What color did you get in your mind?



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