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I have a few questions regarding the 2007 soft cover edition, of Self Analysis.

1) In Chapter 1, Page 14, LRH mentions a story about a Persian/Iranian king, who was searching for, "the lost word".

Do you, or any other Scientologist, happen to know who that particular king was? I wanted to get more background data on this tale.

I know other stories about the supposed, "Lost Word", from very small amounts of Masonic study, but this is the first time that I've come across it in this usage.

2) How would you compare the self-auditing/Straightwire procedures as taught in the book, with Church delivered services; namely, Life Repair and the higher OT levels where you perform Solo metered auditing?

3) Have you used the book yourself? If so, may I ask what gains you have received from it?

4) Is it okay to use this book, before going to a church auditor or FreeZone auditor?

Thank you.  :-)

I don't know who that king was.  Could have been Darius I or Darius III I suppose.  The story doesn't reference any accepted historical account of which I am aware.  Supposedly "The Word" was lost more than once, and there is more than one legend regarding its recovery, some dating back to Solomon.  A "King Darius" was instrumental in one of the tales, as he commissioned the rebuilding of The Temple, wherein "The Word" was supposed to have been found.  Which of the Dariuses did this is not clear - but it would seem to have been Darius I, or Darius the Great.  However, the loss of "the city" would seem to reference Darius III, whose defeat triggered the sacking of the seat of the Persian empire, Persepolis.  So the short answer is, I don't know.  Ron never said.

The processes in the book are rather rudimentary and suitable for temporarily raising a person's emotional tone level somewhat, and improving memory and peace of mind.  They do not really compare in any way with professionally delivered auditing.

I was, as a part of my very earliest auditing, processed using some of the processes from the book.  I never had occasion to use it on my own.  The processes made me aware of some personal gains, and helped me to make a personal decision that Scientology was workable and helpful for me.

The book is there to be used.  It is meant to be used.  One would generally use it before receiving any formalized Scientology auditing.  I would, under no circumstances, go to a FreeZone auditor.  The accounts I have read (written by FreeZone auditors and PCs) of the practices many of them employ do not resemble actual Scientology auditing in my opinion.


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