Is acceptance the opposite of resistance? One would deduce so if one considers that the opposite of accepting something is being unwilling to accept it.

But, at the same time, non-resistance seems to be a prevailing  concept amongst Scientologists. In "A new slant on life" Hubbard says that accepting a wrong means that you are acknowledging the wrongness of the act. That one should merely 'understand'

Is this all just word games where everyone is really just trying to say "Don't make a big deal about it"?


Refusal to accept that something IS - that is to say, resisting it, is an attempt to alter or reduce it through effort or force.  The rules of the conditions of existence dictate that alter-is or not-is cause persistence -so, by resisting something, you ensure that it will persist.

If you don't want to be stuck with something, you have to ve willing for it to exist.  As-is-ness is the state of something at the moment of its creation and of its ceasing to be.  That which you would have vanish, you must know/understand competely.  If you refuse to "accept" it, that is not possible.  So - resisting something guarantees you will be stuck with it.


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