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QUESTION: Hello Laurie,

I recently purchased an old version of "A new Slant on life" and found an essay about communication that wasn't in the newer one. Anyhow, it said something that confused me. Here is an excerpt:

" Even hypnotism can be understood by this rule of communication. Hypnotism is a continuing inflow without an opportunity on the part of the subject to outflow. This is carried
on to such a degree in hypnotism that the individual is actually trapped in the spot where he is
being hypnotized and will remain trapped in that spot to some degree from there on.

Thus, one might go so far as to say that a bullet’s arrival is a heavy sort of hypnotism.
The individual receiving a bullet does not outflow a bullet, and thus he is injured. If he could
outflow a bullet immediately after receiving a bullet, we could introduce the interesting
question, “Would he be wounded?” According to our rule, he would not be. Indeed, if he were
in perfect communication with his environment, he could not even receive a bullet injuriously."

What does this mean?

ANSWER: This is pure theory, in line with the Axioms, the Factors, and the Logics of Scientology.  You need to study these to get a theoretical underpinning.

See the appendices at to begin.

In brief, however, just imagine being talked at incessantly without being able to say anything in return.  The harm from an imbalanced inflow should become apparent.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Ok, I believe I understand the gist of the theory in that creating a duplicate ( a perfect communication) would occur and therefore it would dissapear. But how would I observe and evaluate this theory?

I am not sure it is practical to do so - hence my statement that this is pure theory - not necessarily subject to example or proof.

I do know of a guy, a Scientologist and OT III, who was shot by a mugger in the abdomen.  With the same (or similar) level of force and antagonism as the insult from the bullet, he shouted an acknowledgement at the shooter.  The shooter dropped the gun and ran.  The guy who was shot later had the bullet removed, and recovered, with no seeming ill effects, in a matter of days.

I think this might be the closest you would come to an observation and evaluation of this theory.

Do not try this at home (or on the streets of a town or city).


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