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Hi Ms Hamilton and thank you. My question: Where is the mind?
LRH touched on it in the life continuum lectures, but doesn't go into it with any depth. He says someone said the mind is in your head and it's not and "that's the big joke." Understanding this is very important to me and I'd appreciate a little guidance. I will also greatly receive your perspective on this data. Thank you again.

It need not be in any particular location.  As it is the collection of masses/energies/pictures recorded by the thetan and the mechanisms the thetan uses to manipulate these toward the posing and solving of life problems, it is going to be generally in the vicinity of where the thetan considers itself to be which, for a thetan operating a human body, is going to be in or near that body.  It is not fixed to some physical location relative to either the body or the thetan, but is only handy to both.  

It has actual physical mass and size, but these vary from person to person and being to being.  The mind survives body death because it belongs to the thetan, not the body.  Given the phenomena of things like "phantom limbs" (parts of the body the person can still "feel" and "move" even though they don't actually exist any more), it can be imagined that such parts of the mind as are composed of sense recollections for this or that part of the body, or are the source of aches, pains, disorders of certain body parts, are actually co-located with those present or former body parts most of the time.  The result of this would tend to be a durable impression carried around by the thetan that even after body death it is still inhabiting or controlling something that resembles a former body - which "something" would be composed of mental masses and images saved by the thetan, and which "something" would generally occupy the sort of shape and space that a body had.

Scientology does not actually say the mind IS "here" or "there."  It merely defines what the mind consists of and how it operates and, given these parameters plus my own personal experience, I would say the mind is located wherever the thetan finds it to be handy.


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