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hello there i would like to ask you chucky if you can send me all the ot levels to me up to level 8 as i am experiencing difficulties locating them on the net  cool!  we will talk later  val the impaler   ha  ha


All of the OT levels, up to 8, are downloadable from Wikileaks.

There is so much on Wikileaks it would take you literally months to even read them all.

The OT 3 Course Pack, for instance, takes quite a bit of concentration to read.

Just go to Wikileaks.

Search for Scientology, and start clicking on EACH of the links, and go through the whole link/download, item by item.

Read what you want.

Wikileaks did this because otherwise no researcher would be able to see for real what Scientologists do on their NOTs procedures in particular.

NOTs is just the higher volume exorcism.

OT 3 is less voluminous exorcism.

OT 4 and 5 are done by an auditor, a NOTs auditor gives you the exorcism.

OT 7 (SOLO NOTs) you do the high volume exorcism yourself, and it's more streamlined.

This is all delusional false memory (puts false ideas about "body thetans" into your mind, makes you THINK you are full of "body thetans"), stuff!

You are NOT full of "body thetans."

In a nutshell, this is truly L. Ron Hubbard's fantasy beliefs of a version of exorcism, you do exorcism on the Hubbard secret OT levels 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

On Wikileaks, just go there, find the Scientology materials, and look through them!

But just realize a science fiction pulp adventure writer dreamed up this Scientology OT levels exorcism stuff!   It's not real!



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