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QUESTION: Hello Laurie,

I'm a senior in high school and I'm doing a research paper on Scientology. While many scientologist are often offended about the use of the word cult. My topic is "Is Scientology a cult or a legitimate religion?". I know this is very sensetive as I would be offended also against my religion but, you have to know that their is a major controversy of Scientology especially in Europe where it's almost illegal. Send me an email and we can talk more,

Neal Gearhart

ANSWER: The distinction of "cult" versus "religion" is an entirely specious one, and illegitimate.  It is political rather than scholarly or philosophical.

To open the discussion as to the religious bonafides of Scientology, which have been found legitimate in pretty much every non-provincial court in Europe where cases have actually been heard and many provincial ones as well (UK, Spain, Sweden Portugal, Austria, Croatia, Kyrgistan, Slovenia, Switzerland formally recognize it as a religion and others grant it charitable non-profit status - realize that per some European countries there as as few as 18 "real" religions in a world that contains some thousands), let me link you to some studies and expert opinions by religious scholars:

None of these men are Scientologists.  Each is a recognized scholarly expert on religion - which neither you nor I are.  What I would like you to do is read each of the expertises above and then if you have any particular questions for me personally, then by all means fire away.  I can tell you what I have seen and done and what I know from my own experience, but a footnote or citation in your research paper to the effect "Laurie Hamilton, somewhat known Scientologist on the internet says..." is not enough I don't think to rest your hopes on for a passing grade on a research paper.

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QUESTION: Thank you but I was seeing if you could email me and maybe have an interview because I need one expert fory paper so just email me. I enjoyed your answer and look forward to reading those articles

This system does not show me your email address.  It emails my answer to you, blind.

If you like, you can send me a question marked "private" (there's a box to check to make it private) with your email address and I will send you an email.

Then if you would like to email me questions (after you have read the expertises) I will answer them - assuming they are not confrontational, inherently derogatory, or designed to convey an insult.


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