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hi chuck   i feel like committing suicide   there is nothing on all ot levels from levels 1-8  maybe you can just email me ot levels 1-8  so i can try out the stuff   it might keep all the alien spirits away from me ha! ha! ha!   val my email address is  

Dear Val,

For legal reasons, the no longer confidential, but still possibly legally protected Scientology "secret" (no longer) exorcism procedures and the Xenu story history, are on Wikileaks.

You have to just figure it out and download and look at what you find there.

If you also go to the Clambake anti Scientology web site, and search for the links there, for the "OT materials" and also n the ESMB (Ex Scientologist Message Board) website, and at both, just search for "OT materials" and take the time to start looking.

Every time I've ever spent a little bit of time, I've been able to locate where you can find them.

Wikileaks is the easiest, and it has links that then walk you through it.

Final answer, do the above.  It's up to you to do the internet searching and downloading if you want to read the materials.

The materials end up telling you that you are infested with "body thetans" and that doing the various Hubbard OT process commands, you exorcise those "body thetans" off of you.

It's fantasy and has only placebo effect.

You should look up "placebo effect" and understand this.

It's NOT real.   It's Hubbard's invented beliefs that he's gotten the Scientologists to believe in, and to pay money to do Hubbard's exorcism to get rid of "body thetans" that don't exist in the first place.

It's selling "blue sky" to people who get told by Hubbard that this is true, and they believe it.

It's not true, it's made up, it's a fake religion, with invented fantasies about spiritual body thetans who cluster into clusters and stick to our bodies, and these clusters of body thetans then talk to us.

It's a placebo invented exorcism of imaginary spirits.   There are no spirits, no body thetans, the believers in Scientology merely believe that these spirits (body thetans) exist.

If you want the procedures, go to Wikileaks, figure it out.

It's all fake, so to just read what Hubbard said about his fake exorcism, go to Wikileaks, spend the time.   



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