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Hey Laurie,

I don't really know how to ask this. Or if this is even a question. I just wanted you to know that you have  a way if speaking that also teaches as it's heard. Hubbard had that gift too. Some might call it wisdom.

I just wanted you to know that I think about you a lot. Not just because of what you say but because of the way you say it. I am deeply grateful. Juan

Kind of you to say that.

I'd like to think it has to do with purpose, a bit more than "wisdom."  I had a realization back around '79 or so that my life purpose was, and had always been, bringing understandings to people such that they could better sort their own lives and align their own purposes.  At that time I was able to look back over my own life and realize that as early as 7 or eight years old I had always seen myself "when I grow up" as being some sort of parent or educator - a role that imparts understanding.  So, at it's root, it's just what I've always wanted to do; help people make things clear in their lives.  When it works, is suppose people see one as "wise."  I just see me as determined to figure things out.

Of course in order to help people understand, one must first come to one's own valid understandings.   This is to say, one cannot point the way to knowledge if one doesn't know where it is.  Hence, I had to come to understand things well enough to explain them to someone else, and I undertake to do that.  

I am, and have always been, sort of obsessed with coming to understand how things work, why things happen, what are the underlying principles behind things, in short, what is true (and that has been the case with every area of interest - chemistry, physics, language, politics, economics, people, animals, cars, construction, law, computers, nutrition, biology, gardening, etc.) because fixing things and problem-solving is another mild obsession of mine.  I've always felt if I could get to the heart of a matter, that would be knowledge I could share, and people's lives wouldn't be so difficult, or so confused.

So, if you say I've succeeded at getting something across, I take that as a high compliment, because it's exactly what my personal purpose is - to help a person find the switch to turn on the light in their head.

Ron, I suppose, had a similar purpose; that of coming to understand well enough to impart that understanding to others.  He was wildly successful at that, and did it in spades.  He seemed intent on saving mankind.  My ambitions are rather more modest.  I'd like to help this or that person or these few people see well enough to save themselves.  If you say I succeeded in that, even once, I take a really big win.



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