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guess what happened the other day ..and believe me this you will find to your disbelief ..i awoke tuesday night at round about 2am walked towards the direction of my bath and all of a sudden something or someone slapped me across the face ...i turned and saw nothing but a shadow of something hidious slip through the open window...we hear so much about ghostly phenomena from around the world excluding scientology explanation of things it seems there maybe alot unexplainables on that subject  maybe you might know who did it to me that night   it's great to email you again chucky!! val

Tricks of the mind are the explanation in my unprofessional opinion, for these moments when we are convinced that we feel things with our senses, but rather we are having activity in our brain that makes us misjudge and call these "ghostly phenomena" experiences as real events, when in fact they only happened in our brain.

I have no Scientology answer for your experience.   I'd say this was a brain event that seemed like a real event of "ghostly phenomena."

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