QUESTION: Hi Laurie,

I am new to Scientology. I've done some Book One auditing as well as the Purification Rundown. My problem is that I am very occluded. I believe this is due to my past drug use. I find it very hard to remember things from even a couple days ago, no matter what I do. I have been trying to do Self Analysis but I find it very hard to recall anything. What should I do?

ANSWER: I've seen a number of people with this type of problem benefit from the Purification Rundown.

Objective processes may help as well.

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QUESTION: I said in my question that I've done the Purif before. So are objective processes the only option? What are those?

I'm not a case supervisor, and I do not have personal knowledge of your case - so I don't know what all of the options might be for you.  I do know objective processing has cracked a lot of cases.

Objective processing is processing dealing with the here and now, as opposed to subjective processing, which gets into your memory, feelings, thinking processes, etc.

In order to remember things, you have to have perceived them in the first place, which is often a problem with drug cases; you have to be able to be in present time, in the here and now (and drug cases almost never are - which is the reason for their difficulties with perceiving their environment); and you have to be able to control your attention.

Objective processing is aimed at all of these things.

Sometimes a drug case will get stuck in an incident - or even several incidents all compressed or collapsed together, which contain a great deal of unconsciousness and unreality.  Drugs can do this to the mind.

Objective processes, which involve you taking charge of your attention and motion in present time, plus making and accessing present memories from moment to moment, can help to return to a person their control over their attention in the present, the shifting of their attention to varying locations in space and time, and their use of memory.  They can free up awareness which has been trapped in past incidents and make it available to the person in the now.

These processes involve the auditor telling the preclear what to look at, what to pay attention to, what things to notice, where to move, what to touch, etc.  Objective processing is done in a co-audit, with two people training in how to do and administer the processes together, and then trading off running them on each other.  This has the benefits of training one in some technical facts concerning the thetan and the mind, while one is gaining experience in both exercising and accepting control - abilities which are critical to being in charge of one's own mind.


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