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Hey Laurie,

I read somewhere on the internet (so it may not be true, I know) that one of the toughest cases would be one where the primary/earliest engrams were in a foreign tongue. I was raised in Colombia, South America and I didn't start speaking English until I was 6 or 7 years old. Until then I only spoke Spanish.

Does this mean that in order for me to go clear I have to audit with a Spanish-speaking auditor? I've done about 15 hours of auditing with no success. I felt like I was making everything up cause I had no recall whatsoever. Also, if I took LSD at one point and had the most terrifying experience of my life, where I felt like suicide would be better than enduring it, is that considered a lock or a secondary engram? There wasonly mentail pain, I guess, but the fear was stronger than anything I've ever felt before...more like terror actually.

You should be audited by a bilingual auditor, and should be audited in both Spanish and English.  It seems as though the commands could probably be given in English most or all of the time, but the auditor should be able to understand you when you uncover Spanish-language content.

Further, auditing on "repeater" and "bouncer" and other types of command-value phrases should be done in Spanish for your early life.

LSD scrambles the time track and makes auditing of any kind very difficult, if not altogether impossible.  Purif and SRD seem like pretty much prerequisites for auditing an LSD case.  Drugs of any kind, being poisonous, harm both the body and the mind and form a special kind of engram that requires auditing aimed specifically at the drug use itself.


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