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The "in" thing these days is to use positive thinking as a means to improve one's life.  Repeating affirmations daily and "faking" a positive outlook until it becomes reality does seem to work for many people (myself not included)long term. I know that this is not part of Scientology tech, but is there any way to explain from a Scientology point of view how and why this would actually work for people? Same with hypnotism, brainwashing and taking a "placebo" medication; it doesn't make sense to me that the mind can be "tricked" into believing something and yet it happens. How?

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To the degree a thetan's considerations and decisions are not countermanded by his/her own considerations and decisions (often hidden or unconscious ones), they are effective.

To some degree, a being can merely DECIDE what their outlook is.  To the degree they CHOOSE a positive outlook, they will tend to impair themselves less.

A being who were capable of impairing themselves not at all, would be able to accomplish everything.


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