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Hey Laurie,  

I have a strong feeling that my room-mate is 1.1 but I don't know for sure. Once I can determine this to be true I'll promptly ask him to move out but until then I don't want to jump to a false conclusion.

I know you have to use the personality traits to identify a 1.1 but that is where I am having trouble. I've only known him for just over a year but throughout that time he's displayed about half of the ASP traits. Meaning that in 15 months he's displayed a TOTAL of about 6 traits with only 2 of them being displayed constantly. Critical/hostile remarks towards almost anyone (besides me) and a disrespect for property (such as using things around the house that don't belong to him) are in pretty common use by him. However the other day he made a critical remark about Scientology and it made me realize that maybe he's flying in false colors. What's confusing is that Hubbard said no complementary remarks are ever made by an anti-social and he has made complimentary and encouraging remarks to me before.

I don't want to kick him out if he's not 1.1 but I don't want to see myself fail if he is. I guess my question to you is: do you judge a 1.1 based on them exhibiting most of the traits ALL of the time or do you use a time period such as 15 months to determine wether they've exhibited most of the traits over that time period?

A person doesn't have to display a majority of traits to be an anti-social personality, necessarily.  If he displays some of them most of the time, that could be a pretty clear sign.

Labels are irrelevant to your situation, though.  If his net impact on you is negative, he's not someone you want having a significant influence on your life.  If his net impact on you is positive, then one would expect you would feel good about having him around.

If at some point you do realize that a person is an anti-social personality, then you are well shut of them.  But if a person's influence on you is mostly to produce turmoil, it doesn't much matter whether they fit this or that label or not.  Do you want a toxic friend?  No?  Well, there's no law that says you have to have one.

1.1 is just a tone level.  You can see it in the fact that, when a person is manifesting that tone, everything they say and do has some kind of twist to it, that winds up hurting someone.  They make demeaning jokes.  Every compliment contains some kind of dig.  The offer to help with an obvious tone of being inconvenienced or put out.  They repeat bad news and don't bother to mention good news.  They get really bent out of shape when they see someone winning.  Etc., etc. But everyone can be 1.1 from time to time.  If that is a person's CHRONIC tone (which you can tell by myriad betrayals and undermining acts large and small), and you are around them much, you will realize you are seldom if ever happy.

So - 1.1 and Anti-social, while related, aren't really the same thing.  They are related.  Both are toxic.  But long story short, tally up if the person is more negative or more positive relative to you and your goals, and use your best judgment.  Don't hang around people who make you feel crummy.  Hang around people whose company you enjoy.,


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