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Hey Laurie,

I am starting purif the purif next week (finally) and I was thinking about doing the survival rundown before starting some of the training courses on the left side of the bridge. One of the things that appeals to me about the SR is the idea of having 100% percent attention in present time.

My question is about that. How can a preclear achieve 100% attention in PT while they still have engrams? I thought engrams keep some of your attention in the past just by their existence alone. Do you think it would be beneficial to do this rundown before taking on other courses since having more attention could conceivably help you during study? Also, one of the end phenomena on an SRD process is thetan visio turning on. I thought only OTs could experience something like that. Any thoughts you can share about this?

Absent any further case progress beyond the SRD, a PC would NOT have 100% attention in PT as a durable and persistent state forever.  They would always face the prospect of becoming keyed-in sooner or later.

That said, having learned how to be completely in PT, the PC could always have access to this state even after a "relapse" of engram key-in, especially if circumstances or survival demanded it.

Even a Clear is not guaranteed to be 100% in PT at all times, forever into the future.  However, if you once reach this state (of being in PT), the tools, drive and energy available to you to make things happen that come with being in PT can be accessed again, as they never could before you achieved that state.  It's an ability gained - but it's not meant to be understood as a be-all and end-all of case progress.

Thetan visio turning on is perhaps less impressive a concept than you might imagine.  It does not mean remote viewing or looking through walls.  It is merely YOU (the thetan) being able to see (both your environment and your own mental pictures) rather than having "visio" filtered through the mind.  Compared to the way Joe in the street filters his perceptions ALL THE TIME, that's actually kind of a huge thing - but not in the least magical or superhuman.

Especially given the kind of life experience you have been through up to this point, the idea of the SRD for you after the Purif stikes me as possibly the very best next step you could take.  I highly recommend it prior to any other training.


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