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I learned when taking Scientology courses that when one becomes tired while reading/studying that there is a misunderstood word and to stop and look up the word until it is understood before moving on with the lesson.

I find myself tired whenever I am in a relationship.  When I am single I am able to function on the same amount of sleep or even less sleep.  This has actually made being in a relationship quite challenging because I am not able to go out and be social with my partner.  It has also created a feeling of depression extended to my overall life as well. I don't enjoy things I do when I was single. Is there any explanation for this as there is with misunderstood words in reading?

Thank you.

There is no one thing that is likely to do this.

There are NUMEROUS possibilities.  Among them:

Some type of restimulation whereby old hidden case content associates being in a relationship, having a partner, or the partner themselves, with apathy, with being defeated, with exhaustion, with weariness, etc.

Failed purposes.  If you take your attention off your purpose(s), you get a loss of energy.  If investing attention in a relationship means neglecting your purpose(s), it will make you tired.

Emotional tone.  If you are attracted to a type of person who is lower-toned than you are, they will drag you down in emotional tone and make you tired.

Stress.  For some people, their standards of what it is necessary for them to do or to attend to in order to maintain a relationship is so stressful it wears them out.

Changes in dietary habits.  Too much alcohol, sweets, eating too much in general can rob you of energy.

Trying to be someone else.  Putting on a different identity in order to be more acceptable to a romantic partner is exhausting.

Fear.  Fear of loss, of looking bad, of doing something wrong, of being "discovered," of any number of things that one faces only while dating or living with someone, is both paralyzing and energy-draining.

I could go on and on.  Without sitting down with you and analyzing your present and past relationships, I would be guessing.


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