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i know you are going to kill me for this for sounding for scientology but can you fill me in with info on what the books are all about  scientology 8.80 and 8008  which are advanced but not for long as i know you will let in about them    can i ask also it is about energy blackness and whiteness  and says a thing or two about ridges aswell   is this energy refering to the thetans energy or energy in the physical universe  please advise  thanks   val

Hi Val,

8-8008 is the book that goes with the Philidelphia Doctorate lectures, about 70 lectures, about all sorts of quasi pseudo science Hubbard dribble about energy, particles, spiritual powers, supposedly, of the thetan (soul).

8-80 in places had some gems of statements from Hubbard, both are still not deeply reviewed by any outsider journalist or writer, and likely won't ever be.

Because Hubbard truly fits in the pseudo-science crank category, but with science fiction past lives spiritualism mixed into this, it's all bogus, and neither book are truly worth anyone's serious time, not unless you already buy into the past lives concept!   And not unless you buy into the soul as a single powerhouse of universe creating powers, which Scientology as a practice supposedly will move you in the direction of regaining your single soul powers so you can accomplish things like someday create your own whole universe and inhabit it and be God of that universe.

I suggest if you want a more down to earth description of L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology end goal, spiritually (I'm atheist so I don't believe in spirituality, but presuming you do believe in the soul like many or most people still believe in the soul) then I suggest you buy from Amazon the following book:

"Science Fiction Short Stories Volume 4" (One Was Stubborn, A Matter of Matter, Greed) part of the Classic Fiction Series of leatherbound books that Author Services Inc puts out, you can get this cheap on Amazon for a couple bucks even though it's leatherbound still.

The story to read, to see the result of ALL of the hocus pocus Hubbard energy processes is "One Was Stubborn".   Google "One Was Stubborn" and read what all I've written on that story.

It's about how people made the universe disappear, and got up spiritually the the point where they could creat the universe themselves, from scratch, like God.

The 8-80 black and white processing supposedly was to erase and make null all of our past lives  track of incidents which were jumbled into these fields of charge that surround us, and supposedly Hubbard's Black and White processing did something to this mental charge, which is mental charge from some accumulated bad incidents in our long ago histories as spiritual beings.

I don't buy any of this today, it's all bogus, and it is why I highly recommend people read Martin Gardner's 1950s book called "Fads and Fallacies" for the chapter on Hubbard and Dianetics/Scientology to see why Hubbard is considered then, and now, still a crank by serious people.

"Fads and Fallacies" is cheap also, just a few bucks, on Amazon!   

Hubbard wrote "One Was Stubborn" originally in early 1940, amazingly, and contains so much of what really is the end goal of Scientology today!   This great little gem of a short story has an evil cult leader, and it has in the plot some of the highest high spiritual powers that Hubbard said that people as thetans ought to someday be able to perform, like create their own universes and NOT be influenced at all by this universe of reality that we are stuck within

If I could give you 3 months or more free extra time in life, to listen to all of the PDC (Philadelphia Doctorate Course) 70 lectures, and read the first couple of Red Volumes that relate to these early 1950s Scientology Black and White processing stuff, then you'd see in detail.

In a nutshell the black and white energy is somehow, per Hubbard (and I believe it is bogus just his inspired writer imagination which Hubbard took himself so seriously he believed his made up stuff), just charge from past bad mental tragedies we underwent in some advanced civilizations (space opera engrams) zillions of years ago.   

The Black and White processing was hoped to be a solution to the lengthy otherwise engram running, Black and White was to do the job of cleaning up that accumulated charge, supposedly.

It didn't work well, it did not stay as workable technology, and it is NOT run on anyone today.   Not unless you just do it to just do it and see what happens, but it is ALL in your mind, it is NOT real stuff that you are doing.   It falls into what psychs call today, "false memory installation", meaning you are just making this all up, and you are the one attaching false significances to whatever you find mentally when you do this!   Hubbard was making this up, people just made this up and they all accepted it was real, and mostly it did not work!

Of course, this wouldn't work, and isn't working, and no one pursues the Black and White Hubbard energy processing today, and it is not on the Bridge to Total Freedom and hasn't been, for decades, it was dropped in the mid 1950s and hasn't been used since then!   Except by "squirrels" who want to play around with this stuff.

Chuck Beatty


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