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Dear laurie you have been a person that have lived in different towns,i Live in a small town in nowhere and here is my 1st and 2d,i allways liked the sea and i lve in a valley one of this days i will investigate the origin of this town to find out what its original pupose of existence was why the settlers chose it.Now clearly i am in a condition of doubt about changing cities,my question is could you give me an examble of how to proceed as example,thank you u are the greatest teacher!!!

Every place I have moved to so far was not because of the place, but because of a job.

Think of what you want to create (have).  Think of what you need to do to create that (do).  Think of where the opportunity, resources, conditions exist to do that, and that is where you would go (be).

You have a choice of where to live only to the degree that you can be, and do, and have whatever you have chosen, in more than one place, or in literally any place.

You can't mine coal at the beach, cannot fish on a mountain slope, cannot operate a winery in the desert.  These "haves" and "dos" can only "be" where the resources exist.  You can write anywhere.  And if you really are a writer, you owe it to yourself and your craft to do it in surroundings which YOU find most conducive to your work - and so then whatever the town, city or village is like becomes more important than if, say, all you knew how to do was wash dishes, and the only dish-washing job was two towns away.

I will be retiring, at least partially retiring, in the next few years.  Our family has selected and purchased land in another state that fits what we want to create in our retirement - a small, self-sustaining agricultural operation from which we could potentially support ourselves and sell our excess.  Again, where we want to BE is because of what we want to DO, because of what we want to HAVE.


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